Shenzhen Ken Xinda: choose domestic mobile phone, these reasons can not be under

Life in all aspects of information are inseparable from the mobile phone, information explosion era, the information terminal iterative frequency faster and faster. At present, mobile Internet-based mobile terminal, become an indispensable item in life. And now the domestic mobile phone, whether online or offline, are the development of very rapid, Ken Xinda IDC released by the Chinese smart phone quarterly track report shows that the first quarter of 2017, the three major domestic brands to occupy the Chinese smart phone market, Apple only ranked fourth. This is the domestic mobile phone since the first quarter of 2016, the fifth consecutive quarter in China win over Apple, Samsung and other international brands. Behind the ranking changes, but it is the strong rise of domestic mobile phone brand.
Domestic mobile phone brand in the quality of the upgrade
This is the rise of domestic mobile phone brand the most important factor. "Made in China" is no longer synonymous with shoddy, although the Chinese manufacturers initially use cheap goods to enter the world market, but with the passage of time, and almost tragic market competition, but also to more and more domestic mobile phone manufacturers aware of the phone The importance of quality. Now they began to produce well-made, high-quality, high-quality goods, followed by many consumers have also been favored.
Domestic brands make Chinese consumers more confident
Foreign brands are no longer fresh in China. Especially for young people, like Apple, Samsung this international mobile phone brand is no longer their "show off their wealth" when the choice, but life is very common part. With the development and innovation of domestic brands, some of China's high-end products as much as foreign brands, foreign brands can bring the social status is not obvious, the use of domestic brands but to make Chinese consumers more confident.
The performance of domestic mobile phone configuration is developing rapidly
Smart phones in the most important core components of the processor chip in the past is almost monopolized by foreign manufacturers, too high prices, so that domestic mobile phone manufacturers because of cost reasons, can only be second choice of some relatively low price of the processor Chip to produce, thus losing the domestic mobile phone can not compete with the international brand advantage. But in recent years, domestic manufacturers have begun their own research and development processor chip, the performance is also cheaper prices, compared with Xiao Long, it can be said that no less. Due to the emergence of domestic processors, but also greatly reduces the domestic mobile phone manufacturers R & D costs. Such as MTK chip to the flagship, down to thousands of machines have its shadow. Decent run points, reasonable prices, regardless of millet, Meizu or Ken Xinda, because of this chip generous style.
Brand effect led to the rise of domestic mobile phone
Some Chinese brands have a deep understanding of China's large and complex market, so they can design the best sales strategy for the local market, the formation of brand effect, so that the product is the most effective use. Fast charge, double photo, curved screen and so formed their own brand of selling point, and now the mobile phone manufacturers are more concerned about the quality, user experience and brand image. Domestic mobile phones began to face the world, sold to overseas countries, high-quality, good products, not only show the power of Chinese elements, but also China's smart phone industry, the new trend.